Come See Us, Y’all!

We are located at 2456 SW Cary Parkway in Cary… that is in the Parkway Pointe Shopping Center in Cary and we are on the immediate right of Food Lion (you can tell it’s us by the super cute furniture sitting outside!)

Our store is full of farmhouse furniture and FARMHOUSE HOME DECOR! Yes, that’s right, we’re not all furniture. We have blankets, pillows, trays, coffee cups, the cutest signs in the world and so much more.

In our store, you can expect to see:

  • Our refinished and custom-built furniture
  • Harp Design Company’s home accessories
  • Local retailers custom made products such as local candles, pillows, and more home décor.

We included a few pictures of our store, but nothing compares to coming in!

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